Why Your Worst Idea Could Be Your Best

Fear can be the killer of creativity, writes creative Richard Holman. To combat it, he advises that instead of striving for your very best ideas, it may in fact be better to hunt for your worst

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Design Conferences 2019: The Ultimate List

Looking to attend a design conference in 2019?

Welcome to the ultimate 2019 Design Conference Guide which lists 140+ conferences & events for Graphic Design, Web Design, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Tech, Usability, User Research, Product Development and Branding, from around the world, including Europe, USA, UK, Australia and more.

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The Best Art and Design Conferences of 2019

We’ve brought together the best conferences and events for designers across digital, UX, branding, graphics, advertising and more from around the UK this 2019 – and a few major ones from overseas you might want to consider booking a trip to.

The Best Drawing Apps for Every Kind of iPad Artist

With these apps, your Apple Pencil might actually replace your real pencils.

Cabeza Patata’s character series explores the idea of balance with a high-fashion twist

In illustration and animation, making your world seem physically believable – even if it’s otherwise fantastical – is vital. And so Cabeza Patata’s latest project, exploring the concept of balance, is an intriguing one.

Glug creates digital database of protest posters for today’s climate strikes

Creative networking organiser Glug has launched its #ProtestByDesign campaign that aims to create the world’s biggest database of protest posters in support of the global climate strike today.